During the month of July, our 50th anniversary celebration will reflect on Vacation Bible School.

In the 60’s and through the Heinbuch era, VBS was held during the day. The curriculum was designed for ten days, but rather than go two full weeks, VBS was held all day long for one week. You would have two lessons each day – generally one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Around noon, there would be a break and everyone would eat the lunch they brought for the day.

During the 60’s, Rev. Maschmeier would instruct the older students; those who would be in Confirmation in the Fall. In addition to their lessons, this class would do one big craft project. Each student created their own stained glass cross. Early in the week students would cut the glass and lead so all the pieces would fit together. Younger students would work on a variety of projects based on the curriculum.

The year the St. Paul’s building was moved, VBS was held in early June, the week before they had ground breaking. Classroom space was at a minimum so one or two classes had their classroom space in the St. Paul’s building. The building was sitting on pilings and a wooden staircase led up to the entry door. Insurance and safety regulations would never permit that today.

Rev. Heinbuch always had many of the students playing a few innings of softball during the lunch break. The game would pick up from one day to the next. On Friday, there would be a picnic lunch provided by the women in the congregation. There was also a pie and ice cream social on Friday evening following a short program by the children.

Confirmands and other high school students have always served as assistants to the VBS teachers. Vacation Bible School continued as a daytime event during the 80’s and 90’s.

With the arrival of Pastor Sharon Stier, VBS has changed to evenings for about 2 ½ hours each evening. The evening is fast paced and includes crafts, snacks, lessons and activities. All teachers and their assistants have as much fun as the children. The pie and ice cream social is still held on Friday evening following the program.