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November 2015

by Nancy Schilling-Genz

“Oh, it’s hard to get up in the morning at this time of year.” One of my colleagues with whom I served Fond du Lac, was not a big fan of these darkening days of fall.  She never used an alarm clock, preferring to rise with the sun.  That method of getting out of bed […]

October 2015

by Pastor Sharon

I love Facebook!  I hate Facebook! If you’re on Facebook, my guess is that you also have conflicted emotions about this social media site used by over 1 billion people worldwide.  And if you do, you have plenty of company in the conflict. Last year, in marking its ten-year anniversary, CNN reported on the good […]

September 2015

by Pastor Sharon

Happy New Year! When the calendar’s turned over to September, we begin another new year at the church.  KFC and Breakfast Club classes start.  Youth Group gathers.  Wednesday evenings find adults taking a deeper dive into the Bible and exploring the faith.  The choir members warm up their beautiful voices and take to singing songs […]

August 2015

by Pastor Sharon

Spend any time on social media websites like Facebook, and you’re bound to see articles about seemingly any topic under the sun.  A recent scroll through my Facebook home page produced these reports to consider:      Your Guide To A Very Busy Weekend in Southeast Wisconsin      51 of the Most Beautiful Sentences […]

July 2015

by Pastor Sharon

Once again there’s been a mass shooting in America. This time, it’s in the south, in the “Holy City” of Charleston, South Carolina. This time, the violence came to a church.  To a Bible study.  To brothers and sisters in the faith.  Evil and hatred invaded a sacred space.  A place set apart for God […]

June 2015

by Pastor Sharon

What’s On Your Agenda Today? The Shell gas station on Paradise Drive in West Bend is unique because they offer a service that most stations this side of New Jersey don’t offer.   An attendant will pump your gas for you—for free—during select business hours.  It’s pretty nice—especially if you have a broken limb. A few […]

May 2015

by Pastor Sharon

Facebook is a pretty interesting website to visit.  For the uninitiated, Facebook is a site on the internet where you can connect with:  other people you know; groups you’re involved in; others who share common interests; businesses, and the like.  Every time anyone or any business you say you “like” posts something on their Facebook […]

April 2015

by Pastor Sharon

Reunions             We’ve seen them hundreds of times.  On the computer.  On TV.  At the airport or train station.  In armories and gymnasiums.  In parking lots and at football games and in classrooms.  We’ve seen the heart-warming reunions of service men and service women with their families, friends and even dogs, […]

March 2015

by Pastor Sharon

Annual Exam It’s time for our annual examination.  That’s right!  Just like we have an annual physical examination, the season of Lent gives us the chance to taken an annual examination of our relationship with Christ.  To think about how we’re doing with nurturing that friendship, making it stronger and deeper.  How are we doing […]

February 2015

by Pastor Sharon

Anyone who’s had to work around a broken or sprained limb, or who’s had some sort of surgery or doctor-imposed physical restriction has, I’m sure, gone through some kind of mental gymnastics as they try to accomplish anything from making a bed to frying an egg to doing the dishes to getting dressed. The other […]