I write this the evening of May 21.  This morning, Hunter said, “Yes!” to Christ, and pledged to honor and serve Christ.  He promised that he would live his life for Christ, putting Christ’s desires ahead of his own.  He stated his intention to live by Christ’s rules that place love of others at the top of the list of his priorities—every day.  Always.

Hunter’s the latest in a long line of people who have said “Yes!” to Christ—who’ve also pledged to live for Christ, honoring him and serving neighbor by following the example Christ set for us when he lived among us.

But today’s liturgy reminded us that the Rite of Confirmation is not only about any one person committing to a relationship with Christ.  Confirming faith is also committing to a community of faith, the church.  It’s a pledge to participate in Christ’s body here on earth.  It’s a promise to live out Christ’s call, together, by using the particular gifts he’s given each of us for his honor and for the building of his Kingdom.  The Rite of Confirmation is about each of us working together, for Christ’s sake.

The prayers remind us of that truth as the congregation pledges to support the confirmand while also pledging to work together, grow in faith and point to Christ in all we say and do, individually AND together.  Through the  liturgy, we declare to, “. . .promise you our continuing friendship and prayers as we share the hopes and labors of the church of Jesus Christ.  By the power of the Holy Spirit may we continue to grow together in God’s knowledge and love and be witnesses to our risen Savior.”

The subsequent prayer in the liturgy acknowledges this truth as well, “Eternal God we praise you for calling us into your church to be your servant people, and for sending us forth to give witness in your holy name.  Grant that we may work together in serving the needs of others.  Confirm in us all the power of your covenant that we may live in your Spirit, share regularly in worship, and so love each other that at the last we may have among us the same mind which was in Christ Jesus, to whom be all honor and glory. Amen.”

It’s a blessing to be reminded of these words of commitment to Christ and church.  They call us again to a different kind of life together—one that shares a Christ-like love within the community and beyond the church walls.  They call us to share a selfless love with all—a love that is born of dedication to and gratitude for our Savior.