Mission Trippers Return from Back Bay Mission

 We’ve heard from Back Bay Mission. . . . We’re getting ever closer to departing for Mississippi!

Trippers left July 5 and returned July 13.  They again worked with the kids and adults from Black Forest Church—a United Church of Christ congregation from the Colorado Springs area.

Mission Trips are all about love—love for Christ and love for others.  Hear the 2014 Mission Trippers story about faith and love as experienced and expressed during their recent trip to Back Bay Mission, during the worship service Sunday, August 24.

Bailey, Thomas, Christopher, Beth, Alex, Mike, Luke, and Pastor Sharon will share the story of their work at 240 Kuhn Street, Biloxi, MS, the home of their new friend, Dawn.  At that home, they learned much about the love of God, love for others, and how God’s gift of hope can bring light to the darkest of circumstances and situations.